Websites That Give You Free Money for Signing Up

You know I love getting deals and saving money - heck that's half of my blog. BUT - what I love more than that ~free~ money. Yeah, I know. It sounds like a gimmick. It's really not though. Some sites are so desperate for new users that they will give you money just for signing up and trying their site. I have done this with multiple different apps and websites and I have been pleasantly surprised that this actually works and does not cost you anything. 

I have tried each and every one of the sites/apps listed below. So, I can guarantee it really is free money. While most are around $10 who couldn't use some extra coffee money?!

Here are my favorites:

Spring Rewards - $50

This is a new rewards site that gives you cashback for shopping at certain stores and eating at certain restaurants. You do have to link a credit card to sign up but that is just so that it can track the stores you are shopping at to give you cashback. It does not cost anything and takes 30 seconds to sign up. 

Sign up here or use promo code: ONUSCK for $50 free. 

Groupon+ - $10 

This is very similar to Spring Rewards in that you get cashback for shopping at certain stores and restaurants. Just for signing up you get $10 in Groupon bucks that can be used anywhere on the website. I used mine on a manicure :) 

Sign up here

BeFrugal - $10

BeFrugal is a coupon, promo code, and deals website. They have thousands of deals from many different retailers. Upon signing up you get $10 to use on anything. Signing up only requires an email so it takes about 30 seconds. 

Sign up here

Ibotta - $10

Ibotta is one of my favorite sites for saving money. You can get cashback for shopping at certain stores, but you can also scan your past receipts to get money off of things you have already bought. It's a great way to make a little extra money off of the things you already buy. Plus you get $10 just for signing up. 

Sign up here or use code: rdsyrap

Joany - $25

Joany is a health care service that helps people find and compare plans. In order to improve and work on their site they pay people to take surveys that take less than 10 minutes. I took this survey and it was about 50 questions and honestly went super fast. Definitely worth the $25. 

Take it here

NetSpend - $20

Netspend is a prepaid debit card company. Essentially all you have to do is sign up and they will send you a $20 prepaid debit card. The great thing about this is that it is reloadable and you can continue to use the debit card they mail you over and over again. 

Sign up here