10 School Supplies Every Law Student Needs

If you know me, you know I like to plan ahead for everything. Before I started law school, I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to be successful in class. I will admit I struggled with what I should be bringing to class or what would make studying and reading easier. That is why I decided to write about some of the best supplies that will help you stay organized, study better, and excel in class. These ideas are compiled from my fellow classmates, my co-workers, and my own experience at what worked best for us. Click any of the pictures to buy the selected product.

1. Planner

Although most laptops/iPads have calendars and online planner, I really loved having a physical planner in which I could get myself organized. Seeing how your week is laid out and physically writing out your assignments will help you remember your obligations easier and will allow you to take time to go over all of the tasks you need to accomplish. There are so many great planners on Amazon and even stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Make sure to get one with enough room to write your assignments and where you can see an overview of your month.

2. Notebook


Like I have said before, something that really helped me succeed was writing in a physical notebook. Using a notebook was a quick and easy way to go over material while also making sure that I was paying attention in class. I have an entire post on my favorite notebooks here.

3. Clear View Highlighters

It is always a good idea to have highlighters with you in class. When you go over cases you are going to want to make sure you point out the rule of the case and important details that you may review. Obviously, any highlighter will do just fine. One of my favorite types of highlighters is the Sharpie Clear View. This highlighter allows you to see exactly what you are highlighting and my favorite part - the ink does not bleed through the paper.

4. Book Stand

Book stands are a great way to keep your huge law school text book out of the way. It also helps you flip to pages really quick. This is something that helped me a lot during cold calls. I was able to get to the page I needed really quickly and stay organized without fumbling over my answer.

5. Portfolio

Having a portfolio is a good idea if you are going to a job interview, but its also a good idea when making presentations in law school. During our 1L oral arguments, almost every student brought a portfolio with which they presented their argument. It is great to take notes with (for your rebuttal), keep your materials in, and to look professional.

6. Resume Paper

Again, this might seem like something you would bring to a job interview, but in law school you will have multiple resume checks from your career counselors. They want to make sure that your resume is at its absolute best and they will require you to present it to them as you would to a job interviewer.

7. Divided Folder

Having any kind of folder is a good idea, but something that I loved to do was keep all of the syllabi in one place. Most likely, you will not be getting a lot of handouts besides the course syllabus and it helps to keep them all in one large folder. This way you always have them with you when you need them and they are easy to find and flip through.

8. Sticky Tabs

It seems like a simple thought, but I cannot recommend sticky tabs enough. When you are going through important concepts in class, it is super important that you tab where that information is. I also liked to tab different definitions in the back of the book for certain classes and also any cases that I knew would be on the final.

9.  Black's Law Dictionary

This dictionary is essential for any law student. Black's Law Dictionary is the official legal concept dictionary. For concepts that you think may be obvious to concepts you have never heard of - this dictionary will help you further understand your material and is something that most lawyers use throughout their careers.

10. Paperclips and Binder Clips

Last but not least, make sure you have paperclips or binder clips with you. I loved having different colored paperclips with me to make important sections of the book. For instance in property, every time we would start a new chapter, I would paperclip the page and would be able to divide my book into multiple different sections. It was truly a game-changer.