Where to Get the Best Deals on Law Books and Textbooks

Let me start out by saying that law books are not cheap. I was able to get through college and only buy a couple of books because we never used them. The books that I did buy were also not that expensive. When I got to law school I was shocked to learn just how expensive law books could be (highest I have seen was $300 a book). And I hate to say it but you absolutely have to buy every book in law school because you will read it religiously. I was able to get some great deals on law books without breaking my bank. Yes, all of the books were used and highlighted but I actually found the highlighting extremely useful and helped me save time when I was reading. They will not sell/rent you a book that is illegible or completely destroyed so much of what you will get will have a few highlights. Here are some of the websites with the best deals on law books (and textbooks in general). 

Amazon Rentals

I bought most of my textbooks through Amazon Rentals. The books come quickly and they often have the best deals. The only downside is that sometimes the rentals are sold out quickly, so if you are using this option - rent/buy the book as soon as you know what you need. By the way - you can find the books you need for class on your school's bookstore website.


Chegg is also a great option for renting books as they have very competitive pricing. I would often buy from Chegg when Amazon was sold out and I was very pleasantly surprised with the deals. The shipping is also very fast and many times you get free subscriptions and gifts with your books. 


I have heard a lot of great things about eCampus, especially their availability of online books. They often offer access to CasebookConnect which is an online version of your book with access to tests, quizzes, and lessons on each chapter. They also have competitive pricing on rentals and purchases & you get free shipping on orders over $35.


This website is dedicated solely to legal books so they often have great deals on purchases and rentals that other sites do not. They always had the books that I was looking for at a great deal. The condition of these books was also amazing - so I highly recommend. 

Campus Bookstore

I was really surprised that my school actually had some of the best deals when it came to textbooks. My school also had comparison prices on their website so I knew where to get the best deal. Many times the rentals are also in great shape and the cases that you need to read are often highlighted which is super helpful.


I have never actually purchased textbooks from this site, but they have a great comparison tool that allows you to find the best deal among many different sites. I do recommend that you still search manually to make sure you are getting the best price.

When I was purchasing books I checked each of these sites and found the best price on each. It seems like a lot of work, but at the end of the day I was able to save hundreds of dollars and get books that were in great shape. Hope this helps!