The Best Resources to Help you Pass your Law School Classes

1L can be the hardest of all three years of law school. One of the hardest parts is staying on top of the core classes. I made it through 1L year with A's by using resources that I am now sharing with you so you can reach your top potential (& land your dream job!). Note that most law schools offer these resources for free. Ask your library services or look on your law school website to see how you can set up a free account for these free resources.

1. Barbri Videos
Barbri is well known for bar classes, but they have amazing videos that cover 1L classes. These were a staple for my exams and I would watch them after learning each lesson. The professors that teach these videos explain the content in a way that is much easier than my professors did. They also teach in a way that makes it easy to create an outline. Sign up here

2. Quimbee
Quimbee is the lifesaver for case briefs. It states the rule and holding of cases in a way that is so much simpler than what most books offer. It synthesizes the material in a way that I can easily explain viewpoints and the effects of the case. This website also has practice quizzes for essay and multiple choice formats. Sign up here.

3. Coursera 
Coursera is a great resource for not only legal topics but so much more. The courses are taught by professors from schools like UCLA, UPenn, Stanford, etc. So you know that these professors know what they are talking about. They put the lessons in an easy to understand method and you can even get certificates from this site. This is something that really helped me during 1L. Sign up here.

4. Cali Lessons
Cali lessons are similar to Barbri but they have both text and video options to teach material for all years. I found that this did not necessarily align with my class lessons but was really helpful for advanced topics. Sign up here

5. Barbri Outlines/Outline Book
Barbri actually came to our school and gave us a book of 1L outlines, explanations, and practice quizzes. This book is also available online in the same location that the videos are available. Super helpful to go off of for your exams and to also help put topics in plain language. Buy it here.

6. Lexis for Law Schools
Lexis also has great case briefs for numerous 1L cases. While it isn't as comprehensive as Quimbee, it is helpful in the sense that it puts topics in plain language n ways that anyone can understand. Sign up here.

7. Casebook Connect
If your casebook happens to have casebook connect this is an incredible resource for lesson plans and practice quizzes. The only downside is that it can be expensive, but this may be the only reason I got an A in civil procedure! Buy this with brand new textbooks which can be found on amazon or