How to Negotiate Your Law School Scholarships

One of the most little known things about financial aid in law school (and grad school) is that the scholarships given by the university, for merits and academics, can be negotiated. I was able to negotiate 3 of my scholarships from different schools by thousands of dollars by doing this:

Draft an e-mail to the financial aid office listing other school's acceptance scholarships

You can keep the email very simple and get straight to the point. They get emails like this all of the time. Make sure to highlight your financial need and your desire to go to their school. Here is the scholarship reconsideration template I used (make sure to change italics).

Dear Admissions Committee,
I was ecstatic to hear of my acceptance to School of Law with a scholarship of $XX,000. I would like to start by thanking you for this great honor.

Although School of Law seems like the perfect fit for me personally, as well as professionally, the financial implications of such an investment are obviously a concern, and I need to give consideration to other offers from peer schools. I received a scholarship of $XX,000 per year from Competing Law School (as well as $5,000 fellowship offer), a scholarship of $30,000 (as well as a $5,000 fellowship and the opportunity to receive an additional $5,000) from Competing Law School, as well as others that I have listed below.

In light of my strong admission profile, profound desire to attend, and scholarship offers from other schools, I am writing to respectfully request your consideration for additional renewable scholarship dollars. If there was any way that the cost of attending School of Law could be lowered, it would certainly become my top choice.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and consider my request. I look forward to your response with great anticipation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


John Smith

List Scholarships here.

(I also attached PDFs of other acceptance letters)

I was able to get an extra $5000 from one school, $3000 from another, and $3000 and a fellowship from another. It is worth a try and they get emails like this often so don't be shy!