Best Student Discounts & Deals You Should be Taking Advantage Of

Here are my favorite deals for students (and grad students) that have helped me save hundreds of dollars while in school:

30 Day FREE Trial
Sign up here.

What is it? A grocery delivery service that is paired with WholeFoods for the freshest and healthiest groceries available.

$15 off first meal
Sign up here.

What is it? A food delivery and takeout website that allows you to order from local food spots from the comfort of your own home.

Amazon Video

30 Day Free Trial
Sign up here.

What is it? A streaming video service that has thousands of amazing movies and TV shows. One of my favorite video streaming services!
$10 off first purchase
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What is it? Very similar to amazon you can order thousands of different goods with free 2 day shipping!


$15 off First Ride
Code: maryl6976ue

What is it? A ride-sharing on-demand service that can take you just about anywhere.


$10 off First Ride
Code: mary251377

What is it? Also a ride-sharing service that is on-demand.


$10 off your first purchase
Sign up here.

What is it? A website that has deals on everything from manicures, designer products, and things to do locally. (One of my favorite websites of all time)


50% off first box
Sign up here.
Use code: 30Fresh

What is it? An grocery delivery company that delivers the exact groceries you need to make their healthy and fresh recipes.


$40 in travel credit
Sign up here

What is it? A house/condo rental site for vacations and local getaways. A great alternative to hotels.


10% off purchase
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What is it? Fitness products including protein powders, pre-workouts, and workout gear.

$4.99/month for premium Spotify AND free Hulu (not just a trial, an actual free membership). 

Find it here.

Amazon Student

6 months free Amazon Prime and after the 6 months prime for 6.49/mo.
Find it here.

What is it? It's free shipping, amazon video, and special deals for students for 6 months!

Apple Music
4.99/mo when you verify your student email. 

Find it here.


This website has access to thousands of stores and services. Register with your student email and you can shop at places like Express, Ugg, American Eagle, Aerie, Nasty Gal, Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters, Misguided, Tobi, Charlotte Russe, MAC, Too Faced, Pink, and MUCH more.

Find it here.


This app allows you to earn points while you study (have to lock your phone screen to earn points). Points acrue very fast and you can use them to buy things in your area such as free pizza, tanning, and discounts to clothing stores.

Find it here


No application fee and $10 off.

Get it here

CorePower Yoga

$89/mo Unlimited Membership or $16/class

Get it here.