How to Never Pay for Uber and Lyft Again

How to Never Pay for Uber/Lyft Again

As you know, I am always looking to get free stuff, especially free rides from Uber and Lyft. I tried referring my family and friends to free rides - but as I'm sure you know that does not get you very far. I also tried every existing user promo code I could find - again not much luck. But there's good news, I figured out how you can refer people (and lots of 'em) for free ride credits. Here's how I did it.

1. Post your referral code on Reddit, blogs, and social media.

I started posting my referral code on reddit (they have pages for Uber promo codes as well as for Lyft). I would post something with my code almost every week and found to have a lot of people use them! Just be sure not to spam or you will get banned or your posts will be deleted. Trust me, weekly posts are enough. This also goes for promo code blogs as well as social media groups. Search for people that want free things!

2. Use a catchy title for your post.

I used words such as "ambassador" code, "special deal" code, and "referral program" code. These will attract people to use your code over others. It also helps to list the amount of credit they will get.

3. Be consistent. 

Don't post just once. Go back to these pages frequently and repost your code to get even more referral credit. Look for other forums in which people are looking for promos and deals. 

↓ Feel free to post any referral codes in the comments below ↓


  1. Thank you so much for this! I did it yesterday and already have 5 free rides.. insane


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