How to Make Money Buying and Reselling Online

How to Make Money Buying and Reselling Online 

If you love shopping this is an a really fun way to make money thrifting, deal-catching, and browsing through stores. This is a guide to the best stores to get deals on designer products and how to resell them on eBay, Easy, and  Poshmark (two of the best websites to resell clothes).

Shop Clearance at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross

These stores are known for having designer clothes for cheap, but the best way to make money is to buy what is on clearance and selling it online. Have your eBay/Poshmark app open to see what they sell for and if you see a really great clearance deal, buy in bulk. 

It can take a little while for items to sell so don't get disappointed. Shopping at multiple different store locations is the best way to ensure you get the best products worth the most amount of money.

Thrift Shop at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Local Thrift Shops
Thrift shops have some of the cheapest, yet most valuable items. Look especially for real fur coats, expensive and intricate picture frames, vintage jeans, rare books, and sports jerseys. Some of the gems I have found were basketball jerseys and multiple fur coats.

 The beauty of shopping at thrift stores are that the items are often sold for crazy deals (fur coats for $10). If it's a desirable piece of clothing you can easily triple your profit! 

Do your research and market the items correctly
If you are going to sell fur coats, make sure you know what kind of fur it is and ensure that it is real. Also take pictures that really show off the product and if it is designer make sure to show the label (it really matters).

Also make sure that you research what is selling online. When I went shopping I would often check the eBay and Poshmark apps while I was at the store. I could quickly get an idea if it was worth my time or not. Usually you want to be able to double the price as a profit. 

Be patient and don't be too quick to lower prices
If your items aren't selling right away, don't worry - it may not be the right season or the right buyer may not have seen it. Be persistent and research your prices before you list items. 

Ebay has a great feature in which it will automatically relist your item if it doesn't sell. Some items I have sold relisted 5-6 times before they were finally sold. 

If an item is really not selling, maybe then lower the price or do research as to what similar items are selling for. 

Buy designer products in bulk.
If you see products like Prada, North Face, Michael Kors, etc. at a great deal - buy them all. You can always return them and if they sell well you can make a fortune!

Designer products are usually always in demand. It can be hard to find some items for a steal, so make sure you are checking multiple stores and comparing the prices online. I remember buying multiple north face jackets at TJ Maxx and tripling the price on almost every coat. 

Apply for rewards cards
If you are going to frequently buy items from places such as Marshall's and Ross, sign up for their rewards credit cards so you can get benefits from buying and selling their products. A win-win if you ask me ;)