How to Get Free Rent in Law School

One of the most expensive parts about law school is paying rent. Scholarships usually do not cover this expense, yet it is a  necessary evil when attending law school. Here are some opportunities that can allow you to get free or reduced rent.

Apply to become a Graduate Resident Assistant

Many law schools offer graduate level dorms and hire resident assistants to work at the front desk and deal with issues regarding residents. Most RA's live for free while others get a significant discount. Jobs are usually posted on graduate school websites. Although most schools hire their own students you can also try applying for RA jobs at nearby colleges.

Apply for Property Management/Front Desk Positions at Apartments

Many times property managers and front desk associates get a significantly reduced rent and sometimes can live for free (especially if you work late hours). Jobs are usually posted on job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter and also apartment websites.

Become a Live-In House-Sitter/Nanny

While a nanny may be more of a time commitment than you can handle, Live-in house sitters have manageable workloads and also get a free place to live (usually pretty nice places too). Check out websites such as,, Many jobs include petsitting, housekeeping, and plant-watering.

Rent out a bedroom to cover your rent

Although this sounds like a risk, renting a 2 bedroom when you only need one can entirely cover your rent. Get a great deal on a two bedroom and rent out your extra room to cover your own rent. This is the most popular way people can get free rent and also meet some great roommates!

Work-Rent Exchange

Look for jobs that offer free rent in exchange for work. They are often advertised in the descriptions on sites such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter. This typically involves work to specific houses and apartments but can also be a wide range of things. 


  1. I actually was an RA in grad school, the facilities tend to be much nicer for grad students so I highly recommend!!


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