Outfit Guide for Your First Day of Law School

Surprisingly, on top of all of the other things that I had to worry about when starting law school - what to wear on the first day and throughout the year was something I was really stressed about. I am an extremely casual person. In college, you would be lucky to see me in class in something other than sweatpants and pajamas.

I figured it might be a little different in law school, considering it is a lot more of a professional environment than college. That is why I thought I would put together a helpful guide on what to wear your first day of class and orientation.

First Day Outfit
So, obviously I stay anonymous otherwise I would post a picture of the outfit I wore on my first day. I wore jeans, a nicer black top, and sandals. I was originally thinking of wearing a casual blazer but it ended up being 90 degrees on my first day, so I may have melted if I wore that.

I ended up wearing something very similar to this (with a backpack instead of a purse):

My classmates were also dressed pretty similar. There was some people in blazers and suits - but very few. I will say that this was much more dressed up than a college classroom (but then again, it was the first day). Here are some outfit ideas of what my classmates wore on the first day. I have included both fall and summer options depending on the temperature. If you like it - feel free to click the pictures to buy it online.