Law School Diary: The Time I Dated My Tutor

One of the reasons I stay anonymous as LBB online is not only to protect my privacy but so that I can be brutally honest and personal and hopefully help someone in the process. I am starting a 'Law School Diary' that will be updated every Monday. The topics include law school experiences, embarrassing moments, relationships, my fitness journey, and my life outside of law school. I hope you enjoy it :)

This is one of the most personal blog posts I have done so far, but it is definitely worth sharing with all of you. Let me preface this all by saying, don't do it. Do not date, hook up with, flirt with, etc. your tutor while they are tutoring your class. It is awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. 

Let me start off by saying that I did not intend for this to happen. Tutors at our school are essentially like TA's in college. They typically teach their own review sessions after class each day and help you prepare for the tests. 

I walked in to torts my first day and quite honestly I didn't even notice my tutor at first. I was so preoccupied with starting the year off and getting myself organized.By the start of class, Chris (changed his name for privacy) and the other tutor introduced themselves. Chris was cute, but not gorgeous enough to give me heart palpitations (lol). He seemed very professional, knowledgeable, and as if he was taking his job as a tutor very seriously. 

The semester drew on and we didn't talk much except for hi's and hello's in the hallway. When Halloween rolled around, most of the law school got invited to a party. I expected it to be almost all 1Ls, but I was surprised to see a lot of 2Ls and 3Ls at the party. 

I walked in dressed as zombie (I know.. not that creative, but I had limited time to prepare) and noticed Chris was dressed as the same damn thing. He came up to me and complimented my highly creative costume and the next thing you know were taking shots after shots after shots. 

By 1am, I was pretty drunk and I knew he was too. I had been by him almost the entire night which was kind of wild considering I had never even had a conversation with him before. 

Annnnd then it happened. He grabbed my face and we were kissing in front of our entire law school (FYI - I do NOT recommend this). Thankfully, everyone around us was just as drunk as we were, so I don't think many people even knew what was happening. At that point, I pretty much realized what I was doing and ran out of the bar and went home, praying to god he did not remember this on Monday morning. 

I can't even explain how awkward I felt walking in to class on Monday. I tried to play it cool and avoid all eye contact. After class, I even decided to take the back elevators hoping that I would not have to make conversation or address what had happened with him. Again, I am a very awkward person and this kind of stuff makes me cringe

I finally get onto the elevator and just before the doors close, someone sticks their hand in between the doors to open them. And who else would it be on this incredibly awkward day but Chris. Are you kidding me? What are the chances of this?!

We made small talk and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Before we got off the elevator he asked me out to dinner or for a study break snack sometime this week. Of course, instead of saying that I probably shouldn't go on a date with my tutor - I panicked and said yes.

We ended up going to dinner and we had a really great time. I didn't know if I liked him more as a friend or in a romantic way but I knew that I enjoyed his company. We ended up going on many more dates and most would say that we were officially dating. He helped me study and I helped get his mind off his incredibly stressful life.

Going to class became less awkward the closer we got to each other. We both agreed to keep it completely friendly while at school. Besides, only 2 other people in my section knew that we were dating. 

We ended up dating through winter break into the middle of January. Somewhere between then we lost touch and I lost interest. I did not see it going anywhere and quite honestly I preferred to be his friend. I also thought that because the semester had ended he wouldn't be my tutor anymore - aka no awkwardness.

I broke up with him right before spring semester started. It was pretty uncomfortable, he kept saying he didn't see it coming. I shook it off and reminded myself I rarely would have to see him this semester. 

Nope. Not with my luck. I walked into contracts class and just guess who my tutor was for contracts - Chris. How did I not know this? How did this not come up in conversation after dating for 3 months?

If I thought after the Halloween incident was awkward, this was ten times worse. He completely avoided eye contact, wouldn't say hello, and sat on the opposite side of the room. I didn't blame him. I decided I would keep to myself and try not to worry about it. 

The awkwardness eventually wore off a little bit - as they say time heals all wounds. 

And then my professor thought it would be a great idea to have a student argue against one of the tutors as plaintiff and defendant for one of the big cases we were reading. No - I am not kidding when I say this. Chris and I were picked to do this after I pretty much tried to hide under my desk. It was almost like the professor was trying to torture us both. 

Not only do I hate public speaking, but I had to argue a case against my ex-boyfriend-tutor that no one in the class knew about. Needless to say it was probably the worst argument I have ever done and I think by the end of it my professor felt so bad she just stopped it. 

It was honestly one of the most awkward/uncomfortable/scary experiences I had been through in law school. And that is why I say... don't date your tutor.