Top 5 Notebooks for Law Students

Although a lot of students like taking notes on their computer, one of the study tricks that I learned was to write out my notes in class and later transfer them to my computer. It was a quick and easy way to go over material while also making sure that I was paying attention in class. This really made a difference between my grades first and second semester and I couldn't recommend this technique enough. With that being said, yes - you can use any notebook to do this. I preferred to use notebooks that had dividers, tabs, and pockets because it can be kind of difficult to stay organized with multiple classes and A LOT of notes. I have compiled 5 of my favorite notebooks that helped me succeed below:

Ampad Versa Crossover Notebook

This was one of my all time favorite notebooks. The paper is very sturdy (so my pens and markers never bled through), it has dividers, tabs, post its, and multiple different pockets that help you stay organized. The pages are also easily removable (you don't have to rip the pages out) and you can put them back once you take them out. This brand also sells paper refills so you don't have to buy a brand new notebook when you run out of paper. By far I would recommend this one to anyone and everyone.

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Five Star Advanced Notebook

This is also an amazing notebook for staying organized. It contains multiple different color-coded tabs and pockets. This is also a larger notebook with 200 pages so it will truly last you a long time. I had this my second semester and with 4 law school classes it lasted me all semester - which is saying a lot.

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iScholar IQ Notebook

This was also a favorite of mine. Again, this notebook is tabbed for great organization. I also used try erase markers on the dividers to jot down ideas or outline notes that I could later erase. The paper is sturdy and it lasts you a long time (200 pages). This is great for people that want something simple but need some organization.

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Rocketbook Everlasting Smart Notebook

I actually got this for Christmas one year and WOW. It is definitely one of the coolest notebooks I have ever used. Once you fill the notebook up, you stick it in the microwave and all of your writing erases so that you can reuse it again. On top of that, its a smart notebook that automatically uploads your notes and memos to the cloud and you can instantly get what you write down on your computer (by using a QR code). This is great for someone that wants a notebook that will last them forever and also wants something that will sync with all devices. It truly is worth the price and will be a staple with my studies and job throughout my life.

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Maxdot Lined Spiral Notebook

And last - but certainly not least - the maxdot notebook (comes in three colors). This is an amazing notebook to not only divide certain subjects but also to divide important concepts with organized tabs. The paper is extremely sturdy and comes with 200+ pages. This is a simple notebook that really allows you to stay organized and will last you a long time.

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