The Official Bar Prep Survival Kit

For anyone that is prepping for the bar or has a loved one who is studying, you know how grueling the study process can be. The bar is one of the most challenging tests that exists so you can only imagine the stress that it puts on those who need to take it. I have a lot of friends who are currently studying for it and ended up putting together some survival kits for them to help ease the process. They absolutely loved it so I thought I would share it with you in case you wanted to do something special for a friend or loved one! Feel free to comment any other suggestions below and I will add them in.

Starbucks/Coffee Shop Gift Card
It is no surprise that those who are studying for the bar drink a lot of coffee. I got a gift card for my friends because I honestly did not know what they liked from Starbucks. I also got one friend a gift card to the local coffee shop that she likes to study at. It is a quick and thoughtful gift!

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Although some bar exams don't allow earplugs, they can be really helpful for studying especially when you live in a noisy apartment or decide to study at a coffee shop. You can pick these up anywhere but I listed some of my favorites below.

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Highlighters might be an obvious one, but they are not all created equally. Some of the best highlighters for studying include the clearview and pen-style highlighters. They allow students to see what they are doing and highlight in a very neat and clean manner.

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Comfort Foods/Candy
I loved including candy and comfort foods that they could snack on while they study. I contemplated getting healthy foods that would keep them full, but I also wanted to get them some sweet treats. I ended up including their favorite candy (if you don't know - you can't go wrong with chocolate, gummy worms, starburst, etc.), granola bars, and some bags of chips. Go to a Walgreen's and peruse their candy aisle and you will find some great things to include.

Lavender Lotion
Sounds kind of weird (especially for guys) but my friends told me this was their favorite thing in the whole kit. Lavender lotion helps you relax and focus, it also obviously will help with dry hands after handling so much paper. You can get this at any drugstore, but I have included my favorites below. (If you want to go all out - Lush has an amazing lotion, but its a little bit expensive)

#2 Pencils
Those studying for the bar can never have enough pencils and any student knows that not all pencils are good pencils. Get a pack of pencils with a soft eraser that won't leave a smudge mark when you try to erase it. Check some of the best online below:

Water Bottle
I also included a refillable water bottle that my friends could take with them to the library, coffee shop, etc. Fruit infusion water bottles are also a great idea as they are a tasty way to stay hydrated and alert. Believe me, this is a very underrated necessity.

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Last but not least, the crowd favorite. If your friend drinks it may be a good idea to include some alcohol for after they finish the test. I included champagne and a few little shooters that they could drink after they were done. It's a great start to a celebration and after months of studying it is much needed.