My Favorite Workouts When I Have No Time

Whether you're in school, you have work, or just live a busy life, it can be really hard to fit in a workout sometimes. During the school year, I go straight home from class to start my homework for the next day, which sometimes can last all night. It can be really hard to find time to go to the gym or a workout class when I barely have time to finish my homework. That is why I started doing quick online workouts that can range anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Here are some of my favorites.

Kayla Itsines - 28 minutes
If you have read my blog before, you know that I absolutely love Kayla Itsines workouts. She has workout guides all over the internet and now she has a new app that makes finding challenging workouts really easy. I love these so much because they are all at home and despite that still extremely challenging. There are workouts that target different muscle groups and full body workouts. 

Check them out here.

Pure Barre On Demand - 20-50 minutes
Pure Barre is one of my all time favorite workout classes, so I was really excited to learn they had online on-demand workouts. They have different lengths and targeted muscle groups, but my favorite is the full-body 40 minute workouts. They are tailored to be done at home (no bar or equipment needed) and you will really feel the results after every workout. 

Check them out here

DailyBurn - 5-60 minutes
You have probably seen a million advertisements for this company all over the internet and TV. I decided to try the free trial about a year ago and I was so pleasantly surprised by it. They have every type of workout you can think of and depending on how much time you have they have a variety of different classes you can take. When you create a profile you basically choose how much time you have, the level of intensity, if you want to target a specific muscle group, and what type of workout. It's really great and many of the workouts are actually really challenging. After the free trial is up it's only $10 a month, which is a steal!

Check it out here.

Fitness Blender - 20-60 minutes
This is another great online workout resource. It is a site with a huge selection of video workouts that include fat burning workouts, kick boxing routines, total body strength training, and targeted muscle group workouts. You can pick from a wide variety based on length and type of workout. This site has some of my favorite workouts!!

Check it out here.

Make Your Own
Sometimes I am not in the mood to do an online class (even if it is super quick). I will sit down and make a list of different exercises including reps and rounds. I usually include things such as squats, lunges, bicycle abs, sit-ups, arm workouts. I include moves that I actually enjoy so it is not such a burden to be working out. Typically it is a quick workout, but it still feels good to have gotten in some exercise.