What to Bring to Class in Law School

On my first day of law school I was a nervous wreck. Not only did I not know what to expect but I also had no idea what law students should bring to the classroom. Here are some of the must haves to help you survive class, get the most out of lectures, and keep on top of your notes.

1. Laptop (obviously)

Whether or not you take notes on a laptop, I highly recommend bringing one because you can access notes, powerpoints, and online resources that can help you in class. I also prefer to type my notes into OneNote which helped me stay extremely organized throughout the semester. (P.S. Don't forget a charger!)

2. Bookstand

A lot of my classmates used book stands to keep their book open and out of the way of their other supplies. It not only helps you stay organized, but it also helps you read easier and take notes directly from the book.


3. Highlighters

As you do your case briefs and go over cases in class, I recommend highlighting the rule of the cases. This will help you outline later on and be able to quickly tell the importance of each case. Don't go overboard though - this can be counterproductive and a nuisance!

4. Snack

Law school classes tend to be longer than college classes (2-3 hours). I always needed a snack and water to help me stay focused throughout the lecture. You also will most likely get breaks in which you can eat your snack and re-energize.

5.  Planner

Although I tend to have to-do lists and a calendar on my laptop, I loved having a planner to be able to see everything I needed to accomplish during the week. It really helped me stay organized and allowed me to write in assignments as the teacher was discussing it. See some of my favorites below:

6. Jacket

It may seem silly, but I found that many times when the temperature was uncomfortable I was unable to focus and did not get a lot out of class. Always bring a jacket so you are able to prepare for cold classrooms. I also found it helped me stay comfy in the library.

7. Waterbottle

This goes hand in hand with the snack, but water helps you stay awake and alert. Always make sure to have a waterbottle that you can refill with you as it will help you focus and prevent you from becoming hungry. My favorite reusable bottles are below: