Gyms and Fitness Centers With the Best Deals

Staying fit is something that is super important to me and obviously on a budget, finding a good gym can be pretty tricky. I have compiled a list of the gyms with the best deals and the most to offer. These gyms are found around the country and can help you stay fit and healthy on a limited income.

1. Planet Fitness

This is the gym I currently go to as it offers so much for only $10 a month. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. They also have free personal training and different zones dedicated to different areas of your body. For $20 a month you can upgrade to get free access to tanning beds, massage beds, and red light therapy.  (Please note there is a $40 annual fee)

2.  Cardinal Fitness

The basic membership is $10 a month which gives you access to one location and the entire gym. You can upgrade to $20 a month for access to persona training, access to all locations, and virtual training. There is a $20 annual fee. 

3. Gold's Gym

Monthly memberships typically cost $25 after a $25 initial fee. Gold's gym does cost a cancellation fee and includes a contract. The upside? you can get access to pilates, yoga, martial arts, cycling, and endurance training. You all also get access to all Gold's gym locations. 

4. LA Fitness

LA Fitness typically charges $20 a month and you get access to all fitness classes including yoga, endurance training, pilates, and martial arts. Most locations also offer an indoor pool, a spa, sauna, and juice bars. 

5. XSport

This gym recently offered a membership deal of $10 a month but is typically $20 a month based on the location. Many locations offer spas including spray tanning, bed tanning, massages, sauna, and pools. They also have training classes and personal training without any commitment.