How to Create a Successful Blog

One of the ways that I recommend that people do to make money at home in their spare time is to create a blog. To be profitable with a blog, it takes time and consistent effort. Don't let that stop you though - blogging can be really fun and it's very heartwarming to help others! Here are some of my tips that helped me create a blog that has consistent views and readers.

1. Choose a website to create your blog on

While you can create a website from scratch it is much easier to use a blogging website that helps with formatting, themes, links, and stats. From these sites you can add ads and monitor progress. Here are some of the most popular blogging websites to get started on:

To host a website with your own url try: Interserver (really affordable web hosting)

(I use

2. Write about something you are interested in.

I think this is pretty obvious, but it will be much easier to have a successful blog if it is something that you are actually interested in. Pick a topic that you have experience and prior knowledge of that you can share tips and tricks about. I picked health, education, and travel tips that I have had experience with. It has been so fun to share my knowledge about these topics 

3. Create meaningful content

This is the most important of all of the steps. If you don't have meaningful, full, and consistent content, readers are unlikely to come back to your site. One of my best tips is not to launch your blog until you have a sufficient number of posts that are free from mistakes and substantive.

4. Advertise your blog

By advertise, I don't mean pay for advertising. What I mean is sharing your content on many different platforms to secure readers and page views. I have found reddit and Pinterest to generate a lot of views and many interested readers. I also have had established blogs advertise for me and post my website on their pages. If it is a popular website that allows commenting - post your website all over it! 

5. Keep it up-to-date and interesting

Continue to add new content that will engage readers and write new posts that will continue to be interesting and bring in page views. One way to lock down continuous views is through email subscriptions. This can be hard to get but once you have an established blog, more people will begin to subscribe to your content. 

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