Best Fitness Tracking Apps for Getting Lean and Fit

Best Free  Food & Fitness Tracking Apps for Getting Lean & Fit

One of the easiest ways to make sure you are eating healthy and having the right amount of calories and macros is of course through tracking your food, fitness, and water intake (as well as much more). Tracking through a fitness app has been one of the best ways I have accomplished this. I have tried many through trial and error. These are my favorites:

1. LifeSum
This is by far my favorite app for health tracking. It lays out plans for you and you can also make your own plans depending on what you want to accomplish. My favorite part of the app is that I can choose meal plans and it adjusts your goal macros accordingly. Although the free plan offers so many amazing things, I did briefly try premium and it offered even more than I could have imagined (including keto diet plans, recipes, and coaches). 

2. MyFitnessPal
This app has amazing reviews and I also did love using it. This app has by far the most food tracking options to choose from and there is an online component that you can sync with. The huge food database makes it almost impossible to NOT find a food that you're eating. The recipe counter makes it so much easier to track the nutrition in homemade meals and the exercise tracker lets me see the amount of calories I've worked off for the day. 

3. 21 Day Fix Tracker

This app will help you keep track of how much more you can eat each day on the 21 Day Gig, a diet that breaks down what you consume into color-coded food groups and portions. This app also has features that help monitor your progress. 

4. My Macros +
Whether you focus is on carbs or protein or fat, if you are into counting macros this app helps break them down for you. It also includes a Macro Coach that tells you how much you need to achieve your different goals. 

5. Lose it!
This app helps with specific weight loss and fitness goals. It includes an easy-to-use tool for tracking everything you eat and do. You can also scan barcodes, set challenges and goals for yourself, share your progress, and hook up your account with other apps. 

6. FitBit

Although this works best with the FitBit (which I highly recommend), it is also so great for tracking food, exercise, water intake, weight, and heart rate zones. I use this app the most frequently since I got my Fitbit and I couldn't be happier. If you plan on buying a Fitbit this is such an incredible integration with your device.